Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hyundai Offers $1.49 Gas for a year.

According to the Hyundai website:

They are willing to give you gas for $1.49 a gallon for one year. They give you a special credit card so that you can use it anywhere.

As an alternative you could receive a $1000 extra rebate instead of the Gas Card.

Assuming you pay for the car so that you do not have any loans. We can compare which is better. (If you do need to get financing to obtain the car you may save more in interest payments by taking the $1000 rebate.)

$1000 @ 1.49/Gallon gives us 671.14 Gallons as the break even point.
So if we use 672 Gallons of gasoline per year we then are starting to benefit from the lower priced gas card as compared to the $1000 rebate.

Looking at the models that are eligible for the gas card and Hyundai's stated MPG.
We have the following breakeven table. Break even is set at 672 gallons.


MPG Miles

32 21504

33 22176

35 23520
Santa Fe

24 16128
Elantra Touring

31 20832

26 17472

23 15456

26 17472

Depending on your source the Average Annual Miles for vehicles is either 12,000 or 15,000. This analysis doesn't take into account savings from increased gas prices.

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