Monday, June 15, 2009

Google vs. Bing

The New York Post has a sensational piece called "FEAR GRIPS GOOGLE"

What it really winds down to is Google is checking out their competition, I would say almost all businesses look at what their competition is doing. So there's no need for anyone to lose any sleep over.

Overall the results from the two are pretty much the same.

An interesting thing I found was the top result for

PGX or PGF (all three words)

Bing brings up an article discussing the preferred stock ETFs I listed above on investopedia. Google however gives a link to their own finance discussion board.

Now just put in:

PGX PGF (only these two)

Now Google gives back the investopedia article as its top link.

What this shows.

If I were an investor trying to decide if I should purchase shares of PGX or PGF and I typed out
"PGX or PGF" Bing gives me an article that provides me information on what these two ETFs are as well as a thrid ETF I may have not known about (PFF).
If I had typed the same thing in Google I would have a link to a discussion that doesn't provide me any information on what I was trying to do (Decide on if these ETFs were worth buying)

Doing a simpler search of only:


Looking at the top ten results we see

8/10 Financial results

5/10 Financial results

This is an extremly small sample size and was just a quick test to see if there was a difference between the two search engines.

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Usha said...

I absolutely agree with the note bing is a lot more user friendly. Thanks for posting your article.